Friday, December 14, 2012

Obsessing on Doctors

I was just thinking how doctors have absolutely no incentive for their patients to be healthy.  Did you ever think about that?

I was talking to a distributor of EM and he said that EM is not approved for human consumption in the United States or Japan.

There have been very few studies of EM in humans, but many studies in farm animals, where their immune systems and weight gain improve markedly.

People with Crohn's disease and celiac disease have gone into remission, virtually cured, from taking daily doses of EM, and have posted their success stories on the web.

It is tragic to think of all the people who are currently living with a colon full of disease-causing micro-organisms who could be given sweet relief with EM, but there is no way to tell them.  On top of that, there are so many other "cures" that individuals would have no way of knowing that this one works.  And no doctor, no doctor who cares about their reputation, would get behind this stuff, since it is not approved for human consumption.

This blows my mind.

But on top of that, there is an insidiousness inside a hospital.  An unsaid impetus to keep moving the patients through the system.  When I was in the hospital there was never any discussion of how to heal.  Healing is just assumed?  There was no discussion of how a body falls ill.  It is so strange that there was a belief that clipping off the appendix would solve the problem of whatever created the inflammation to begin with.

And then today I looked up "too many appendectomies" and found out that just like mastectomies and other "omies" that there are way too many.  That was depressing.  But it fits in line with the way that a hospital business would work.  "Omies" are the bread and butter that keep those places humming, after the elderly with their debilitated hearts and lungs.

There is not any incentive for a surgeon to promote simple gastrointestinal health through an amazing probiotic, EM.

Ironically, where EM is growing the fastest is in agriculture.  In agriculture, there is incentive for the farmer to have healthy crops that don't require massive interventions with all the -cides.  And EM makes their job so much easier, that it just makes sense.  Same thing for the farm animals.  The sick animals are the bane of the farmer.  They have every incentive to use something efficient and easy, and EM provides that for them.

You see?  You see how the medical industry is not set up to heal, but to keep the sick coming through the doors?  I hope that at age 34 was the last time I ever set foot in one of those corrupted places.  I hope I never forget again that I have a simple cure right here at home.

This world is making me crazy.  I don't know how I'll make it through until I'm 100!  It feels like too much poison and greed.

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