Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I am becoming increasingly uncomfortable with religious people and patriots.  This is a problem because that is most of the people in my country, it feels.  I also am confounded at how to live with the human problem of seeing the ugliness of human existence and living a peaceful life.  On the one hand, I can live my life as a mirror.  Only surround myself with positive people, positive thoughts, positive vibrations, and focus on everything good.  But the concrete *is* still ugly.  And injustices abound.  If I don't have some discontent, some anger, then who will work for change?  Is change something to be worked for?  I feel like seeing the violence of my American culture is so painful, and that speaking out against military hurts people's feelings who are actively serving in the military.  So I feel trapped.  Helpless again.  Violence is such a part of human nature it seems.  If I say no to violence, i am not saying no to people, but it feels that way.

I feel uncomfortable with religion for the same reason---it doesn't feel peaceful to me.  But I don't speak out against religion because it hurts peoples' feelings.

What do I speak out against?  Is it important to take a stand on violence?  Or is it important to just live a peaceful life in your own private circle?  If you live a peaceful life with your family is that enough?

Buddhism says to love the person underneath the violence and always offer the dharma.  Doesn't everyone deserve to listen to the dharma?  Feel sadness and compassion for the pain and the struggle that all humans go through and ignore that which you don't agree with.  Reject that which is not you?

Much much pondering...