Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Make your own million-dollar herb drink

The other day I was at the Herb Store on Fourth Avenue next to the Co-Op.  As I waited for the grouchy walrus-y Mo-from-the-Simpsons-y clerk to measure out my selection, my eye fell upon the suggested sales at the register.  One was an 8 oz bottle of Herbal Elixir--the sign said to inquire for the drink which is stored in a back refrigerator.  $7.  There was a motley mix of herbs listed on the back. I asked what the ferment was... kombucha?  He said he didn't know but it was kombucha-y.

Kombucha is now adored by legions in America.  Time to make your own.

If you can boil water and use a kitchen scale then you can make your own MILLION-DOLLAR-HERB-DRINK!

Homebrewed kombucha plus herbal infusion plus juice.  Let it sit overnight so that the kombucha mixes all the components by feeding on the juice and the herbal infusion.  You have created your own personalized weight-loss, cancer-slashing, eau de vie.

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