Friday, September 3, 2010

Morning Sickness Continued

Boy, pride surely goes before the fall! Last night, about an hour after I posted that, my husband comes in the bedroom, where I'm just facebooking and trying to ignore that cauldron in my stomach, and starts talking to me about god knows what. I can feel myself crashing and cannot talk with him. I tell him I don't feel good and he says, "Well maybe it's what your eating. Are you just eating bread?" And I said, "Do not even think that you know." He left to watch a bit more tv and I tried to turn the light off and go to sleep but as soon as I put my head down, I knew it was coming.

I had been snacking on what I thought was my wonder snack all day: boiled garbanzo beans that had been dried in the oven with salt. They seemed so perfect and I made sure I drank lots of water. They really did work good, but the hormones are still regulating and they can definitely still spike, bringing me back to the more delicate stage. I don't mind it that much. Back to morning zombie (no puking this morning!! I think the mint in the morning helps.) and back to The Price is Right! Yesterday I almost missed meeting my son at the bus-stop on the corner because I didn't watch The Price is Right. When it's over, Family Feud comes on and at the first commercial break I went to get him. (I think that was a schedule I developed a few days ago! :nut) Yesterday I was listening to Joni Mitchell's album Night Ride Home on repeat and writing down the lyrics to my favorite song on that album The Second Coming (based on W.B. Yeats Poem-Crazy to read when you are pregnant) and suddenly the thought blasted into my head that I needed to pick Noah up from the bus-stop and I didn't know what time it was! I ran into the bathroom to check the time (11:10, bus-stop time 11:13--they don't wait for you!!!). No time to get the 2-year-old ready to come with me--no time to do anything! Thankfully my dad was in the kitchen, but I had no time to tell him anything--RUN!!!!! I tore out of the house in bare feet, ran down the cobblestone driveway and on asphalt in 100 degree heat! Made it to the shade tree just as the bus arrived. Must have been a sight to see me in barefeet as I crossed the street to the sharp red gravel and welcomed my son from the bus. "Why are you barefoot, Mom?" "Oh, nothing, just ran out of the house. I was afraid I was going to miss you!" "Oh." Scrunched up look on his face as he kicks the gravel toward home. The adrenaline was still pumping so I didn't feel a thing until after the bus pulled away and it was just me and Noah holding hands. "Ow! I gotta run back to the house, my feet are burning!"

It actually felt kind of good to run like that, but I paid the price. My body rapidly declined in energy level toward the end of the day. My mind soon followed. I became zombie prego once again. A comfortable space once I became familiar with it. Grunt and grumble and answer everything with an "I don't know." Kind of like a teenager in some ways.

I think it's easier to joke about it now that I think I see the light in the distance!

On good thing about morning sickness... I'm so glad I got to know John O'Hurley, the ousted host of Family Feud! He is such a snagglepuss! I think I'm going to buy his CD.

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~JEN~ said...

i soooo wish I was there!~

i miss you even in your slump :))