Friday, November 16, 2012

Adventures of a Wandering Nun, Continued

When I said that I am a nun, I should clarify.  I am not a nun, like what you think of.  I don't belong to any church, nor am I a religious person.  I am a "nun", which means none.  I claim no one as a dependent.  I have no children, and I have no affiliation to any company.  Kind of like a journey-man.  Nuns can be men or women.  And there are many different classes of nuns.  Musical nuns.  Religious nuns.  Artist nuns.  I am classified as a Wandering Nun because I have no official home.  I technically "beg" for all my food and needs, but there are many organizations set up for people like me.  Ever since the population started declining there have been safe havens set up for people like me, who are registered peace-makers.

Nowadays, mostly the upper crust have children, the matrons and the wealthys.  It is a very difficult process to apply for children, even though the government needs them, because of all the litigation that was in place from back when there were problems with child-napping.  Fortunately, there has been much peace, but the government takes a while to change, as you know.

I was born to a very nice couple, the Gats'.  My mother was nurse, a Wandering Nurse actually.  And my father-mother was an engineer.  She worked on perfecting the symbiosphere during her working days, now retired.  Technically, she only worked on the biographical interface section, but nonetheless an important role.  In her retirement she mostly works on her hobby of broken-fixing, anything broken she fixes it!

I am writing this account to entreat you to take care of your sons, your boys, your men.  To care for them and to teach them peace.  You see, boys are no longer allowed in our world, they were outlawed in the Treaty of Wallace, back in 2448.  It said that no person who actively engages in war of any kind shall be deemed stable for the Peace Process and will be removed from the communal society.  Since the discovery of Optional Parthenogenesis we have all been subject to the laws of No Boys, which went into effect soon after the treaty.  Even though the population started going down, since boys were proven to be statistically more likely to undergo a psychological transformation that led to violence, they were made illegal in the communal society.  All living men were given Matron status, but no boys were allowed to be created any more, since all reproduction acts had to be registered anyway, the government had the ability to approve or deny any babies born.  At first the people were joyous at the thought of a peaceful society, even the men were joyous about the thought of letting go of war, but as time progressed there was some change in general thought.  There was a revolt and even a secession, which is why Southland is one of the places that is forbidden for even Wandering Nuns, too many Menn, too dangerous.

But I will talk about that more later, before I tell you about what I found, I have to go back to when I first graduated from school, and started out on my journey.

I was the typical age of 27 when I matriculated with my degree.  Now my card says, Hipolex Bangle, pod---which means philosopher of doctory.  I don't know why they still use those old suffixes, I'm a nun for goodness sake!  That means I am eligible for free travel and free healthcare---yea, even that is still something you still have to pay for!  As a nun, I enjoy the ability to ride any bus or train for free, with the expectation that I will teach peace wherever I go.  If there are children in a town, then I may be expected to teach some lessons before I can move on, but generally I move around with a great amount of freedom.  Which is why I chose this profession!

My mom and dad were a little sad that I wouldn't be continuing the lineage, but most people my age are not as interested in continuing the reproduction acts as much as our parents were.  I do believe strongly in peace, and I'll be the first to rail off the four agreements of peace----right mind, right body, right morals, right society----but after my existence is over, I am ready for it to end.  I see that human stain that my history teacher talked about and I am ready for the great sleep that Gran used to talk about in our evening parables.

One thing that I will avoid for sure is the human love cycle.  As a Nun I have taken an oath not to accept any acts that bind me to another human, for I promise (under threat of losing my status) to serve all humans equally.  Some people have a hard time with that.  My sister, Aloysia, married soon after her matriculation and they are in the process of applying for a reproduction act in this moment.  But I've decided to let go of the human cycle after this go-round.  All the ones who are here on earth are perfect in my mind.  All I hope to do is spread the cycle of peace and then take my piece when I'm done.

More later, I have to go study.

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