Thursday, February 16, 2012

Confessions of an Atheist: Letting Go of Blessings

Even though I've been a solid atheist since my moment of awakening in 2002, I have continued to talk about blessings. "My life is blessed." "You are so blessed." "What a blessing!" Benign banter with believers.

I am deciding that the only blessings I want to talk about are those given from person to person. "You are blessing me!" (with some gift of time or object) "He/she is blessing him/her/them!" (in response to some uplifting story).

I am still attached to the idea of luck and being lucky though. Not sure how that fits in. Is luck a useful concept?


Ev said...

Hi Lisa. I came across your blog from Stilettoes in the Solomons. I clicked the link for your "moment of awakening", and saw the birds, but I don't really follow...?

Lisa Rakestraw said...

Hi Ev! Thank you for reminding me! I expanded that idea just now in a blog post that will explain why the wren picture was linked!